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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Stokes High Bridge Café

This weekend me, my Mum and Grandma decided to take a day trip to Lincoln. It's only an hours drive from my hometown of Cleethorpes and it is a great location for shopping. What I love most about Lincoln is the architecture, the contrast of beautiful traditional old English buildings to attractively modern builds. I have always been attracted to Stokes High Bridge Cafe as it stands out on the high street, it boasts three stories of stunning old english architecture. So after lots of shopping we decided to stop for some lunch and tea.

Stokes High Bridge cafe is beautiful inside and out with its timber frames and old fashioned decor, it transports you back to early 1900's when it was first opened. 

We were warmly greeted upon arrival. I was thrilled to see the staff in traditional black dresses and white pinny uniforms. The staff were very polite and helpful with getting us a table as quickly as possible as lunch time can be very busy. 

Everything within this cafe keeps in touch with the old English theme, from the scales used to measure, to the staff uniform. Seeing the girls dressed in traditional uniforms made the dining experience feel that much more charming.

Plenty of homemade puddings to choose from including cakes, scones and other goods!

Stokes High Bridge Cafe is known for it's traditional coffees and teas all of which you can purchase and buy for yourself or would make the perfect gift for a tea loving friend. 

This charming cafe is situated on High Bridge within the middle of the city and has great views of the canal.

Luckily we were seated right away. The building is full of charming decorative pieces and has traditional fire places lit throughout the building which give a warm and cosy atmosphere.

For starters I enjoyed a traditional prawn cocktail. The bread was so soft and the prawns were lovely and fresh, great with a squeeze of lemon!

Lovely view of the bustling highstreet and swans on the Waterside canal. 

For mains I enjoyed a roast of the day. (Not as good as my mum's home cooked Sunday dinner - but I may be biased.) 

To follow our mains we all enjoyed a pot of tea. I opted for the Darjeeling Tea which was lovely. This loose leaf tea is described as the champagne of teas and it is from the Darjeeling region of India.

The smell of coffee in this place is incredible! This cafe offers the best of teas and coffees from all over the world.

I was so impressed with their tea and coffee collection I simply had to bring some home. I opted for Rooibos, which is a South African Tea. It boasts 50x more antioxidants than green tea! I loved that the girls weighed my tea leaves using traditional scales.

The tea came packaged in a lovely paper bag. After trying my Rooibos tea I can highly recommend it! I am a fan of green tea however this tastes far better as it is not bitter at all! It is described as a health-boosting tea with a sweet, malty flavour from the Republic of South Africa.

While the food wasn't out of this world, the selection of teas and coffees most definitely are and I would not give this charming historical cafe a miss!

Much love,
The Hungry Little Lady x

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