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Sunday, 24 May 2015

YuMe and Co | Grimsby

To kickstart the Bank Holiday weekend me and my boyfriend enjoyed a date night at YuMe & Co. We are huge sushi lovers, and often make our own. On this occasion we decided it would be a nice treat to return to this unique restuarant in Grimsby.

We pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves, as we did book our table for an early time. The restaurant in modern, yet authentic. Chop sticks at the ready!
As we booked an early table, we was able to order from their twilight menu. This offers you 5 courses for only £10.95!
Complimentary green tea is given upon arrival, along with crunchy prawn crackers and dip.
For starters, we enjoyed a chicken & sweetcorn soup. While it doesn't look amazing, the taste was definitely there.
Shortly after we finished our soup, our next starter arrived. A three piece sushi roll filled with chicken and served with a lovely mild wasabi.

We decided to order the Alice in Wonderland sushi. A colourful inside-out seaweed roll dressed with fresh salmon, tuna, swordfish and avocado, with cucumber and cheese filling. This wasn't apart of the twilight offer, but as we enjoy sushi rolls the most, we decided to indulge.
Clark tucking into the amazing sushi rolls, by far our favourite part of the meal.
Next up we both enjoyed a choice of sides. I ordered Tempura Battered Squid, while the squid was slightly over cooked, the tempura batter was done beautifully. It was lovely and light, also done in salt and spicy pepper, and went down a treat with a sweet, tangy dip.
We also enjoyed these Honey BBQ chicken wings done in a honey and Jack Daniels sauce. They were lovely and crispy!
(Again not part of the offer) We decided to indulge with some Ebi Tempura, deep fried king prawns in a light batter. The dashi dip that was served with them tasted amazing, very rich and sweet!
Time for mains. Clark opted of the beef dish. The beef dish had a smokey barbecued texture and was served with fried vegetables, served on a bed of rice.
I went for the Chicken Katsu Curry. While not as good as Wagamamas, it still went down a treat. Chicken Katsu Curry is crispy brown golden chicken cutlet cooked in breadcrumbs and accompanied by a mild Japanese sauce, served on a bed of rice.
To follow mains we finished off the meal with a small platter of fruit, including melon, pineapple and strawberries. Over all we thoroughly enjoyed the meal. The sushi rolls were by far our favourite part of the meal, being big seafood lovers. The side dishes were also delicious! If I were to come again, I would happily fill up on the rolls, apposed to ordering a curry dish, as there was so many yummy options to choose from! I think the twilight menu is great value for 5 generous dishes. It's a great way to try bits of everything from their vast interesting menu. The restaurant is not in the best of location, as it is quite out the way, but do not hesitate to try as they offer a great takeaway service! So you can tuck into your sushi, in the comforts of your own home.

Hope you found this review helpful.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x

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