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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Baby Shower at Gallaghers | Cleethorpes

This weekend I attended my first Baby Shower. I didn't really know what to expect, except that we would have a lovely evening and that we did. So we all got dressed up, packed the car up with piles of pink presents (expecting a baby girl) and headed to Gallaghers, Cleethorpes. 

 Upon arrival we was greeted by party balloons and banners. The girls who organised the Shower had done a fab job!
We all took our places and got comfortable. We were offered a choice of drink immediately, the friendly staff were very attentive throughout the evening. 

 Some of the party games that had been prepared.
 Prizes to be won too!
First up 'Baby Bingo' to get the party started.  
 After that we played a game of 'Guess The Flavour Of Baby Food.'
 Bowls were passed around in which we had to smell or taste the baby food.
 Tuck in!
 Some of the bowls smelt very funky!
 We were given clues as to how many flavours were in the dish. The answers were very surprising!
After that we completed our baby predictions and sealed them in envelopes. We also played a game of 'Who Knows Mummy Best?'
We had a break from games and tucked into the wonderful buffet.
If you are local, you will know that Gallaghers is co-owned by Deli-licious. A local deli who dish up the best sandwiches and cakes in town! So I was very much looking forward to trying out the buffet. 

 We had a selection of wraps, sandwiches and cakes to choose from.
 The buffet was delicious and very quickly demolished.
All the cakes and treats were homemade. The melt-in-your-mouth profiteroles were lovely and soft.

 The room was decorated with chandeliers and quirky wall art.

 I couldn't get a better photo, as they were all snapped up so quickly, but the mountain of chocolate brownies were amazing.
 Once we were all filled up on sandwiches and cakes, we continued on with the games.
 Balls of wool and scissors were passed round, we had to 'guess the size of mummy's tummy'.
 Eyeing up the baby bump.

 We compared our lengths our string and then measured them against mum's tum.
Now for the last party game!
 We choose 4 volunteers (me being one of them.)
 Each of us were given a bottle of fresh orange and we had to see who could finish it first.
 Let the game begin!
 Don't be fooled, this is a lot harder than you may think.
Now I can't recollect drinking from a bottle, but let me tell you, it is not quick or easy!
 I downed my bottle as quick as I could and won!
 Once everyone had settled down from the games, some gifts were exchanged. Mother and baby were spoilt with lots of lovely gifts.

 Mum and bump :)
 The party continued back at home and mum opened the rest of her presents.
 Commence the 'awws and ooings.'
 Everyone picked adorable gifts. Now hurry up baby bump we all can't wait to meet you!
 Mother and daughter.
All of us had a great time at the Baby Shower. What better reason to have a little party than celebrating the arrival of a new baby! The party games were by far my favourite part of the evening, they were lots of fun to take part in. Gallaghers put on a great spread, I would highly recommend them for hosting private parties. The buffet went down a treat, the wraps were delicious and the cakes were scrumptious! By far the nicest buffet I have had, everyone left feeling full and satisfied. I must mention how attentive and friendly the staff were, they was ready to top up our drinks all night and nothing was too much for them.

I hope you enjoyed my Baby Shower Diary.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x


  1. The party games are so cute, never heard of anything like that before. But then, I've never been to a baby shower before either!

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