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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Lemon Sole Parcels | Recipe

I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who adores cooking and baking, the kitchen is most certainly his domain. He always rustles up something nice for us, but I wanted to treat him to tea on this occasion. I always feel slightly intimidated cooking for Clark, as he is an ex-chef, but I really enjoy giving it ago, and he is always very praising which is encouraging. So if you are a newbie in the kitchen, like myself then this recipe is for you!

This recipe is super quick and easy! All you have to do is pile up your ingredients, seal them up, and pop them in the oven to cook. You can use any fish or greens you like. Even better this is a super healthy tea. 
 As we are both lovers of seafood, it was a no-brainer as to what I was going to cook for him. This time I went for lemon sole, it is a lovely delicate white fish and it is very delicious!
To begin pre-heat your oven to 200c/390f. Firstly you need to prepare your baking tray. Line the baking tray with two sheets of tin foil, big enough to wrap up your lemon sole parcles. For my base I opted for green beans, but you can choose what ever greens you prefer. Asparagus or samphire would make fine alternatives.
 Next I layered on some parsley. Ideally I wanted to use fresh dill, as it is more fragrant, but my local supermarket was out of stock.
 Then I placed the lemon sole on top of the greens, skin faced down.
 Next you want to add a slice of lemon or two, to each of the fillets.
 Season with a good helping of black pepper and rock sea salt.
 I then finished the parcels off with a drizzle of olive oil. Alternatively you could add a slither of butter to allow the fish to swim in a lemon butter.
 Now to wrap up the parcels. Clark demonstrating the best way to lock the parcels up tight.
 Once fully wrapped, place the tray in the middle of the oven to cook and leave for 15-20 minutes, depending on how fierce your oven is.
 Now for a glass of wine!
While waiting for our fish parcels to cook, we decided to tuck into some oysters.
 Clark and I enjoy ours with a drop of hot sauce and a squeeze of lemon.
 Normally we would reach for Tabasco, but as we was out we grabbed the first hot sauce we could see. Clark is a big fan of hot sauce and has a huge collection to choose from! Today we had Hard Core Scorpion Puree, described as 'only for the hardcore!'
 You only needed the smallest of drops!
 Clark after he had knocked back his.
Cheers to England being warm enough to sit in the garden. 
 Enjoying a glass (or two) of Chardonay.
 After chatting over our oysters and wine, enjoying the sun as it tried to escape the garden, we returned inside to reveal our parcels.
 Delicate fishy goodness over a bed of crunchy greens. Cooked to perfection, delicious!
We enjoyed our meals traditionally with our Jack Daniel's candle holder burning and Arctic Monkeys playing in the background. 
 Tuck in!
This meal is so healthy and easy to cook! If you want to bulk it up, you could always add a bowl of new potatoes. I decided to add some Focaccia bread to the table, as it's one of our favourites and so easy to make!

So give it a go! You could make this meal for friends, or even just for yourself. Simply create a parcel filled with fillings of your choice and enjoy. If you wanted to create a more oriental style dish, just swap the lemon for lime, add ginger, chilli and spring onions for a kick!

Let me know if you try out this recipe yourself, I would love to hear some feedback.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x


  1. looks tasty, will wait for sun and try

    1. So yummy! Please do let me know if you try :) x


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