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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Riverhead Coffee | Grimsby

A Saturday morning tradition for me and my mum, is to head to town in the morning and hit the shops before noon, as we much prefer to browse while it isn't too busy. I remembered this place that I had been wanting to try, as it is relatively new to the town. On this day the sun was already high in the sky, so we thought we'd have some refreshments before hitting the shops.

Upon entering I couldn't help but fall in love with the quirky and colourful furniture. I adore this global wall art. It is the centre piece of the room and it has been marked with where people have travelled. We was greeted warmly by a smiley member of staff, we ordered our refreshments and was informed she would bring them over to us. 
 Homemade goods and cakes are stocked by the till, I couldn't resist the homemade raspberry and white chocolate muffins! We took our seats by the window and made our selves comfortable.
 I ordered a plain iced latte, as it was lovely and warm that day. I was delighted to see it served in a funky jam jar style glass, along with a cute paper straw.
 Enjoying my iced latte.
 The muffins were lovely and soft! The white chocolate and raspberries made a delicious combination and went down a treat.
 My iced latte was lovely and refreshing! I liked that it had a nice hit of coffee for a latte and wasn't too weak. This is my favourite refreshment in the summer time.
 My mum and grandma both ordered traditional lattes.
 We chatted and watched passers by.
 Each table and chair was different, mixing old and new. I loved the thought and detail that had gone into decorating the place.
The tables had condiments served in old fashioned black treacle containers and fresh tulips in makeshift water bottle vases. I thought this gave a homely touch, I loved the recycled modern style. 
I enjoyed visiting the quirky cafe and couldn't wait to return and try out something from the menu!
I ordered another plain iced late as I couldn't resist (I think I may be addicted). They are so cold and refreshing, it makes such a nice treat from regular coffee.  
Me and a girlfriend decided to pop in for lunch. As I am a huge fan of avocado it was no surprise I ordered a bagel with: avocado, mature cheddar, vine tomato and mayonnaise. It was served warm and tasted lovely and fresh. 

Tucking into my yummy bagel.

 My friend ordered a roasted butternut squash, pesto, feta and spinach leaves sandwich. I was delighted to see this served on olive focaccia bread, as it is a favourite of mine (will be trying this next!)

 That bread dough. (excuse my poor pun!)
 Once we had wolfed down our delicious fresh sandwiches, I made a naughty purchase! A gooey, soft, double choc brownie.
The double choc brownies really are amazing. 

 More coffee.
On this occasion the cafe was buzzing with customers.
After our lunch, naughty treat and two coffees later, we realised the place had emptied. We were so comfortable and busy chatting, we didn't realise 3 hours had passed by!

 This cafe has such a comfortable and relaxed vibe, it is easy to become absorbed chatting and people watching.
 Homemade treats and goods they have to offer.

 They also offer a large selection of loose leaf teas, which is a nice rarity in the town.

 Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my visits to Riverhead Coffee. The staff are so lovely and welcoming! It is refreshing to see a quirky independent coffee shop open up in my hometown. It is bright and modern with a twist. They offer a great children's play area, so it is very family friendly. Delicious homemade food and treats (gluten free options available.) Fresh coffee and interesting lose leaf teas, there is something for everyone. Pop in and say hello on your next trip into town.

Hope you found this review helpful,
Much love The Hungry Little Lady x

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