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Friday, 19 June 2015

Seafood Salad - With A Kick! | Recipe

The summer weather has finally made an appearance in England hurray! So I have came up with this seafood salad recipe for you to try. This is an Asian style salad and it most definitely has a kick! This salad is also rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals. 

For this base of this recipe you will need: lettuce, coriander, garden cress*superfood*, pomegranate, sugar snap peas, radishes and green chilis(optional.)

Wash and prep your ingredients.
For the fillings of this salad, I have used tuna steaks and prawns. Tuna is rich in omega-3 and full of important dietary minerals. 
 Once you have washed and prepped your veg place in a large bowl. Make sure to cut the ends off the peas. These will add a nice crunch to the salad, also they are a very rich source of dietary fibre.
 Next add the garden cress. Did you know cress contains more iron than spinach? You're welcome Popeye. It also contains more dairy than milk, and more vitamin C than oranges!
 Time for the radishes.
 Be sure to cut the larger ones in half, so they are all roughly the same size.
 Take a small handful of the radishes and grate them, this will be used for decoration later.
 Any vegetable peeler will do the job.
Toss the radishes into the bowl, this will add a spicy heat and crunch to the dish. 
Then the pomegranates, these little things are bursting with flavour and will add sweetness to the salad. 

 Then add a handful of coriander. Simply tear it apart and through it in.
 Mix it all together as you go along.
 This part is optional. If you are feeling brave, add one small green chilli, but be sure to remove the seeds. If you are feeling extra brave, add one chilli, seeds and all to the dish. These bad boys will really give the salad a good kick.
Lastly you want to add small strands of lettuce to the base of your salad. 
For the dressing you will need: Soy sauce, ground ginger*superfood*, sesame seeds*superfood*, lime and Agave nectar (honey can be used as an alternative.)
 Start by collecting the zest of the lime.
In a bowl add two tablespoons of soy sauce, one tablespoon of agave nectar, the zest and juice of one lime, one teaspoon of ground ginger and a small handful of sesame seeds. You can switch up these to suit your taste preferences. 
Squeeze the lime into the palm of your hand, this stops any pips falling into the dressing.
 This dressing will add a good punch to the salad with the fiery ginger. While the zesty lemon, soy sauce and agave nectar bring sweetness to the dish. Set the dressing aside and add it just before dishing up the salad.
 Once you have washed and prepped your seafood, be sure to season with salt and pepper. Put a frying pan on a high heat, with a tablespoon of olive oil. Once the pan is hot, add the seafood. As soon as the Tuna has become seared on both sides, then lower the heat of the frying pan.
 Add a small handful of sesame seeds to the pan and a squeeze of agave nectar. Optional, you may want to add a small amount of chilli to the pan.
 You only want to cook the Tuna for a couple of minutes, so it is still slightly pink in the middle. You will know when the prawns are cooked, as they will turn from a grey colour to pink.
 Add your dressing to the salad.
 Then arrange the fish on top.
 To decorate the dish add the grated radish on top.
 You have your self an Asian styled salad with a kick!
Nothing better than an alfresco affair in the garden.
I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Please do let me know if you try it. Tag any photos on Instagram using @thehungrylittlelady, or twitter using @THlittlelady.

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x

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