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Monday, 20 July 2015

Ladies Day | Market Rasen Racecourse

Another gorgeous summers day in July, with a slight breeze catching ladies hats and billowing their flowy dresses. It was the perfect day to enjoy a spot of racing at Market Rasen Racecourse.
Ladies Day is one of the most glamorous meetings of the year. Men look dashing in 3-piece suits, while the ladies are sporting dramatic summer head gear and their best frocks.
Ready for the races, lets go. 
A large group of us met up at The Countryman, where our coaches awaited us and bucks fizz was given upon arrival. 
The boys rearing and ready to go. 
Champers on the coach ride there.
Upon entering we was quick to find the nearest bar!
As we had an hour or so before the first race, the girls and I made our cheers over our drinks and enjoyed people watching. Both men and women made great effort, making it a spectacular Ladies Day.
While the boys got the beer ball rolling and discussed what bets to make. 
Pimm's Tents decorated the arena.
One of the most traditional British summer drinks, it would be rude not to get a jug or 3!
After enjoying our drinks in the sun, it was time to enter the Tatterstall Grandstand, where we mused over what bets we were going to make.
Our group were also permitted access to the County Grandstand, helicopters where often seen landing and taking off from the grounds.
The day was filled with laughter and excitement. 
Many people enjoyed champagne picnics on the grass. 
We enjoyed drinking up the sunshine and lots of pimm's.
Time to place your bets. 

And they're off!
The stands were buzzing with a great and grand atmosphere. 
Ladies enjoyed their pimm's while men discussed winnings. 
Horses of great power whizzed round the track, leaving clouds of dust. 
Plenty of racegoers filled the stands and cheered on their chosen horses.
For the last couple of races, we stood front row at the finish line.
Shortly after the last race we collected our winnings and abandoned heels and headed home.
Clark and I worn out after a successful day at the races. We headed back to the pub and celebrated what a great day was had by all.

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x

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