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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Festival Series | Part 3

festival style

So by now i'm guessing you have your essentials covered. Tent - check, Sleeping Bag - check, Beauty bits - check. Now what to wear, for the final chapter of my Festival Series.
It is a good idea to check the weather forecast before packing, there is a high chance it is going to be wet and misserable in England. So pack sensibly and don't pack your favourite gear. Nobody wants a drinks chucked over their favourite top (just pray it's cider and not the other.) I'd also recommend you take a pair of shorts/skirt that isn't denim, as if it is a wet weekend they take forever to dry! Here are some festival essentials:


I stick to my trusty Hunter wellies as they are comfy and durable. People often make the mistake of buying cheap wellies and end up with wet feet and blisters over the weekend, ouch. So don't be stingy people and get some decent wellies, you will be grateful to have dry feet and they will last you years! Remember to pair with some cute knee highs, they will give extra warmth and can prevent rubbing.

Bum Bag

Bum bags may sound the most un-sexiest thing ever, but when your favourite band is on stage and you're dancing like a crazy women (or Beyonce) you don't want to have to be worrying about your belongings swinging by your side. If you really don't dig bum bags, you can buy a body pouch. You can wear these around your stomach- underneath your clothing, so your belongings are still protected but no un-sexy bum bag in sight.

Rain Mac

You can really have fun with this one, as there a lot of cute and quirky ones on the highstreet now. I'm loving the bright yellow fisherman kind! You can often find lightweight ones that fold up easy, to put away in your bag if the sun comes out. Find one that suits you best, just make sure it is 100% waterproof.

Shop The Look:

I hope you have found my festival series helpful. Most importantly I hope you all have an awesome time at your festival, happy camping folks!

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x

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