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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Getting Back Into Running | Cleethorpes Colour Run

Cleethorpes Colour Run is coming up with just 3 weeks away! *gulp*. The Colour Run is a powder  paint fun run and is planned to be the brightest 5k brought to Cleethorpes (tickets are now sold out). While i'm really looking forward to taking part, i'm a little bit nervous as I have fallen off the running wagon. Are you taking part? Or maybe just want some inspiration to get back on track? Here's my first update of all things sweaty.

The Routine That I've Been Doing In August:

I have been planning to be go for runs three times a week. Now this may be a lap around the park or dragging myself around the block - nothing too strenuous, we're taking baby steps here people. This will ease myself back into the running game and guarantee i'll come home looking like a tomato for the next half hour or so, sexy.

The Running Podcast To Give A Go:

My friend first introduced the NHS Choices Couch to 5K podcast to me while she was training for the London Marathon. I never would have thought to give a podcast a listen, as I enjoy listening to upbeat music to keep my momentum, but surprisingly I enjoyed listening to it. It is great for beginners and it updates you on how far you've ran and how many minutes you have completed running.

The Recipe To Try Out:

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I have been loving Madeleine Shaw's 'Get The Glow' this babe knows seriously good food. Right now I have been especially loving her Over Night Oats. It's so simple - you just have to remember to prep the night before. It tastes rich and satisfying in the morning. The perfect brekkie for a pre workouts. 

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Much love, The Hungry *sweaty* Little Lady x

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