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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Autumnal Birthday Nails | Beautiful Cuticles Cleethorpes

Autumn is by far my favourite time of year, I love getting wrapped up in blankets, the changing of the leaves and seasonal festivities. I've already started rocking my favourite berry lipsticks for autumn and thought why not get nails to match too! As my birthday is coming up this week I thought I would treat myself to some Beautiful Cuticles.

My good friend, Mia, is the owner of Beautiful Cuticles and has her own mobile business in Humberston, Cleethorpes and surrounding areas.
Welcome her into your home and give your nails the treat they deserve! 

By the time I had made us a cuppa (essential with a catch up) she was all set up and ready to start my nails.
Firstly, a quick nailcare record card to fill out.
Now for the fun part, picking out a colour!
Mia has tons of gorgeous shellac colours to choose from! Ranging from vampy reds to bright sea greens and blues.
Once I had settled on a colour, an autumnal berry-red shade, she began.
Now for the manicure. We agreed on the shape of the nails (I opted for rounded) and she began carefully filing my nails to the desired shape. Then, to ensure the nails were in the best condition, she started cuticle work so the nails were ready for colour.
Before applying the Shellac, Scrub Fresh (a nail cleanser) was used. Cleansing the nails is an essential first and last step for the perfect manicure.
A base coat is applied to prepare the nails, followed by two coats of Shellac, to ensure full opaqueness. This is followed by a shine enhancing top coat, leaving the nails looking flawless and shiny. After each step the lamp is used to ensure they are fully dry. Bonus - they dry super quick so no smudges!
Once finished with the polishes, a disperse is used to remove tackiness to ensure nails are flawless and finished. 
Mia has tons of different colours of shellac nail polishes to choose from along with gorgeous glitters and foils.
As I was having my nails done for a birthday treat, I went all out and had glitter applied to my ring fingers for extra detail! I know I will be rocking these glitters all throughout Christmas, as they will look stunning for the festive season!
Plenty of colourful foil wraps, glitters and gems to choose from to create your perfect personal nail design.
Meet the lovely Mia!
I would like to thank Mia for creating the perfect mix of autumnal and birthday nails!
The finished look.
Having your nails done is perfect for a birthday, wedding or celebration as they look flawless! Even better, they can last up to three weeks (which is great if you are lazy when it comes to painting your nails like me.) I loved having mine done for a birthday treat. I find having manicures very relaxing and I always enjoy having a catch up! If you fancy treating yourself be sure to check out Beautiful Cuticles Facebook page here, for bookings. Bookings can be made to suit your needs. I will definitely be rocking nails like this throughout Autumn and Winter.

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x


  1. Such beautiful nails! I always find picking a color to be the hardest task. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Thanks you! Me too love berry shades for Autumn :) x

  2. You picked out such a lovely colour. I also really like that you decided to put glitter on your ring finger. Mia did a great job.


  3. I just recently had my nails done and your post made me wish I'd gone for a darker color! They look lovely!

    XX Laura

  4. very beautiful nails! I like the design you come up with this time!


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