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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Current Skincare Routine

I'm not sure at what point in my life I really got into skincare but I've always been interested in finding out what's on people's bathroom shelves and what lotions and potions they like to slap on. So let's get into it.

Tip: You may want to grab a cuppa for this one!

Eye Make-Up Remover

First up, Eye Make-Up Remover... I don't always do this step, as I find my Micellar Water does a great job of removing all of my usual everyday make-up in one sweep. But if i'm wearing liquid eye liner or a waterproof mascara, this is the one: Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover. It's one that you need to shake before use. I soak a cotton pad, hold over the eye area for a couple of seconds before removing the eye make-up in circular motions. I always go back to this one as it's really gentle.

Make-Up Remover

I use Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water everyday. It claims to 'remove make-up, cleanse and soothes' and it does exactly that. I am a huge fan of Micellar waters and can't think of anything worse than using face wipes *shudders.* Originally I started using Bioderma. I stopped using this as it was hard to get hold of in the UK, although you can now find Bioderma in some Boots stores. Now I stick to my trusty Garnier one, for a fraction of the price. Honestly if someone swapped the packaging I wouldn't notice it's just as good! I like to use Micellar waters to remove my make-up as they are so gentle and don't aggravate the skin. You could probably use this alone but I prefer to go in with a proper cleanser after. 

Another make-up remover I like to use is Estée Lauder's Take It Away. I tend to use this if I'm wearing a full coverage foundation as I find it breaks down make-up really easily and again doesn't aggravate my skin. I will apply this onto dry skin using circular motions then remove with water before continuing with the rest of my skincare. 

 Double Cleanse/Cleansing Oil

 I am a huge fan of cleansing oils. If someone were to tell my younger self to use an oil on my face I think I would have laughed at them. Cleansing oils are great for all skin types so don't be intimidated if you have oily skin. I adore Super Facialist by Una Brennan which is a great drugstore cleanser if you are wanting to try a facial oil yourself and not spend too much. I like to use this when my skin feels like it needs a pick-me-up. It leaves my skin feeling soft and the Vitamin C+ leaves my skin appearing brighter. I don't use this every single day as it feels more like a treat when I apply it (FYI it smells incredible.) I like to use this as part as a double cleanse and will follow using my regular cream cleanser.


I am a big believer in cleansing and toning. It is important to cleanse to remove any last traces of make-up/dirt from the day and toning is used to bring your skin back to it's normal Ph after using all your lotions and potions. I particularly love this duo Clarin's Cleansing Milk & Toning Lotion. I love Clarins as a brand and can't fault any of the products I've tried from them. I found this duo to be the most gentle on my skin as some toners can sting, but these are really gentle, they leave my skin feeling soft and clean. I will probably always repurchase these two as I can't imagine using anything else. 


I love using serums as part of my skin care routine as I believe they give the skin extra nourishment and help the skin absorb other products such as moisturisers even better. In the morning I like to use Lancome's Advanced Génifique. It's really light and absorbs into the skin quickly which is great for when I'm in a rush and need to continue with my makeup in the morning. At night I like to use Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. This is a much heavier serum and while it is targeted for more mature skin, I love to use this not because it suposidly prevent wrinkles etc, but because I found it improved my complexion so much. I found that my skin would heal so much quicker if I had a blemish. It has also removed any traces of scaring from old blemishes. People say they notice a difference when they stop using this product but I could't say as I haven't not applied this stuff in over a year! This stuff may be pricy but it is 100% worth it in my eyes.  
Another serum I like to use is La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo[+]. I use this morning and night. If I could only use two items in my skincare routine, this would definitely be one of them. This stuff is amazing and has done by far the most wonders for my skin! This is an anti-blemish cream, specifically formulated for oily, blemish prone skin. It claims to unclog pores and refine the look of skin texture. I 100% stick by this statement as this saved my troublesosme teenage skin. I wouldn't dare be without this product. If I ever have a friend that is having problems with their skin I point them in this direction. 


I like to follow my serums by using a moisturiser (we are nearly at the end of my skincare routine I promise). I currently use Clarins' HydraQuench Cream for normal to dry skin. I purchased this as I know I get on well with Clarins' products and I keep going back to this as I'm a bit un-advernturs with moisturisers. I don't particularly suffer with dry skin but find this one nice and light on the skin and absorbs quickly.

 Eye Creams

This is a step that I don't do every single day but I try to remember. I'm only 21 so don't need to worry about fine lines or wrinkles just yet. I have a few samples lying around the house so find myself alternating between these two: Dermalogica's Multivitamin Power Firm which is a lightweight gel texture and sinks into the skin seamlessly. The other is Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Eye Repair this one is much heavier in texture and I like to use this when I am really pampering my skin. For people with mature skin, this is great as it can be mixed in with your under eye concealer to help cover and treat. I can't say if they work but I'm a firm believer in preventing rather than fixing. 


 You should all know how important it is to use an SPF within your skincare routine wether you are on holiday or live in rainy England, so I won't go into depth about that. While I am guilty of not using SPF every single day, I ensure I use it if I know I'm going to be outside or in direct sunlight. I've been enjoying using this Liz Earle's Face Protector this summer. It does have a slight white cast to it but this is soon undetectable once blended in. I will be bringing this along with me to the south of France next month for sure.

 Face Masks

Now for the fun bit! I love using face masks and will often pamper myself when I get an evening to myself. I bought these as a set while they were on offer from Boots. I'd wanted to try them for years and I'm so glad I did. I've had my fair share of uses out of all of them and I honestly can't pick a favourite. Drink Up-Intesive is to be used as an overnight mask. Its essentially a heavy moistoriser that claims to quench the skin's thirst. This stuff smells of mangos and it's so dreamy. I will be using this a lot more now we are heading into the colder months. I will slap this on before bed and wake up to super soft skin. I also like to use this on hangover days when I can't be bothered to do my skincare routine. I slather this stuff on and it gives my skin that boost it needs.
Clear Improvement is an active charcoal mask. This is more your traditional face mask that could easily frighten the doorman. This is great for treating blemishes and reducing pores. I find charcoal masks are great for clearing the skin and this one isn't too drying on the skin. I don't use this one as much but if I feel my skin is playing up this will be my weapon of choice.
Out of Trouble is another mask that is great for treating blemishes. This is described as a 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin. I like to whack this on when I feel my skin isn't looking it's best. This mask is great to use when you want the feeling of really clean skin.


I also like to use these two products: Clarins' Gentle Refiner and Clarins' HydraQuench Cream. I apply the exfoliating cream once a week to buff away any dead skin. I also use this if I plan on using a facial tanner. I also enjoy using this HydraQuench Cream if I wake up and feel my skin is feeling a bit on the dry side. This is great if you don't have time to apply a facemask, as you can simply apply with a cotton pad after cleansing then after 10 mins wipe away with your toner.
  I luckily *touch wood* don't suffer with spots anymore (except the odd one here and there, usually around that time of the month grr). When I did during my teenage years I found myself trying loads of products from the drugstore but Origins' Super Spot Remover is by far the best i've used. 

While this isn't really skincare I thought I would include this little pot too. I enjoy using this Lush Lip Scrub. I only use this once a fortnight and find it's great for keeping my lips smooth and chap-free. This is great for keeping your lipstick looking fabulous as some lipsticks can be quite drying. I will probably start using this more regularly in the colder months, especially as now I'm rocking Rimmel's 107 again. 

I'd love to hear what's on your bathroom shelf or a skincare product you couldn't be without!

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x


  1. Girl you have it down! I need to try that lip scrub my little guys are dying with the seasons changing

    Emma | With A City Dream

    1. haha thanks! Its amazing for keeping your lips smooth :) x

  2. I love this post! It's always interesting to see what products other people use. That lip scrub looks really cool!

    1. I love finding out what skincare products people swear by and reach for! x

  3. I definitely need to get more into a regular skincare routine - thanks so much for sharing yours!

    1. Your welcome :) reading blogs has definitely helped me find my perfect skincare routine x

  4. Wow, I found the recommendations on masks and serums quite useful, as I've already got my go-to cleansers, toners and moisturizers. I've heard all about Lancome Genifique, definitely going to get it as part of my routine! I also can't wait to try the Origins Face Masks, I've been offered to review the latest retexturizing mask with rose clay, and I'm so excited! Thanks for this informative post! :)


    1. Aw thank you! I swear by Origins face masks as they have everything to suit everyones needs and they are so gentle on the skin and lovely to use :) Ooh that sounds interesting love using clay masks but rose clay sounds really interesting will have to check it out! x

  5. i love it your blog! hope you're having an amazing day :)



  7. I love and always use that Advanced Night Repair from Estée Lauder!! Thanks for sharing your tips dear!

    Mónica Sors



  8. I really need to start getting into using serums and oil, my skincare routine is so simple at the moment aha. I do love the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water though, repurchased that one so many times!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Serums and oils are by far my favourite skincare items to use as they feel luxurious and I think they work the most wonders. So cheap but so good isn't it, I could be without micellar waters! x

  9. Great post! I'm obsessed with skincare and really want to try some of the products you mentioned with such good reviews!

    1. Thank you so much! Me too they are my favourite blog posts to read x

  10. Gorgeous read! Take It Away is such a great name for a make-up remover, haha!

  11. Great routine and products♥♥

  12. I got the cleanser, and i´s amazing
    Great post, love your pictures and your blog in general:)

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