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Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Pier | Cleethorpes

The Pier has undergone a huge £.4.7 million transformation and has recently opened its doors to the public. It is so wonderful to see The Pier reformed to its former glory with The 1873 restaurant, The Promanade Public House and Tea Room now open. The large ballroom, which can cater for 280 diners has yet to have its grand opening. On this occassion, Clark and I agreed a date night was well over due and with The Pier newly opened, we just had to see for ourselves the special transformation. 
We agreed to meet around 7pm so I put on my trusty LBD with some *uncomfortable* heels and I was ready for our date.
We took full advantage of the warm, late summer evening, and strolled leisurely down the promenade, appreciating the warm air, gentle waves and grandness of The Pier standing tall and proud.
Once greeted by the doormen on the front gates, we excitedly made our way up The Pier, eagerly anticipating to discover the transformation.
 Welcomed by a grand lobby, we were warmly greeted by the maitre d'.  Expecting our arrival, he promptly guided us to the luxurious restaurant, passing through the classy tea room.

The restaurant is sleek and modern, yet classic with embellished chandeliers and traditional white tablecloths.  
The maitre d' kindly guided us to our seats and we were immediately in awe of the view.
The 1873 Restaurant has been decked out with impressive floor to ceiling windows, showcasing the east side of The Pier, with an outlook over The River Humber and to the horizon beyond. 
Once seated, we were introduced to our waitress for evening and selected a bottle of Ugni Blanc Les Courtance, a fresh crisp white wine. We had already sussed out the menu and had our heart set on seafood options. 
Glass of wine in hand, we mused over the marvellous view. Artists, such as Michael Buble, were playing softly in the background, creating a sophisticated yet relaxing ambiance. 
Our waitress took our orders shortly after our arrival and we were offered a selection of freshly baked bread to enjoy while awaiting our starters. 
Clark opted for Seared Diver Caught King Scallops, served with curried cauliflower, compressed cucumber sorrel and coriander cress. Not only were they presented beautifully they tasted exquisite. 
I ordered Wild Mushroom Veltouté, served with truffle foam and wild mushroom arancini. It was rich with flavour, creamy and satisfying.
The starters set the meal off perfectly and set the standard for what was in store for us.  

Nothing was too much for the attentive staff, seamlessly refilling our glasses when needed.
For mains, Clark ordered Grilled Fillet of Lemon Sole, served on the bone with thyme and hazelnut gremolata, parsnip puree, razor clam and sea vegetable salad with leek oil. 
Clark thoroughly enjoyed his main, particulary enjoying the parsnip puree, which complemented the fish beautifully. I loved that it came served with a razor clam and a sea vegetable salad as it gave a real taste of the sea, apposed to serving with traditional garden vegetables. This dish was really special and by far the star of the show. 
I ordered half the Grilled Lobster Thermidor, served with buttered new potatoes and watercress. I was delighted to see lobster on the menu, as it is a firm favourite of mine as it always feels like such a treat. While I have had bigger lobster before, it was still meaty and delicious. However, being the most expensive dish on the menu, I can't deny that I felt it lacked a certain something to compliment the new potatoes and watercress, as I didn't feel it was as special as Clark's lemon sole.

Shortly after our delicious mains we mused over the dessert menu.

I ordered Blackcurrant Bavarois, served with toasted meringues and liquorice tuile. The sour blackcurrants, sweet tiule and intense bitter liquorice worked beautifully together.

Clark ordered Chocolate and Orange Tart, served with salted caramel and hazelnuts. The tart was extremely rich and tasty. The silky texture of the chocolate contrasted wonderfully with the tangy orange and crunch of the hazelnuts.
As the evening advanced, the view became even more magical as lights illuminated the promenade, creating beautiful reflections upon the gentle waves.

We could have indulged in the view all night long.
A selection of coffees were offered after the meal. We regret that we didn't indulge as they smelt incredible and noticed that they were accompanied by truffles.
After the meal, we simply had to take a walk outside on the decking.
Outside, The Pier was soothingly quiet with just the sound of the waves beneath us. 
The view cannot be missed at this time of night as the colourful lights create a beautiful ambiance.

The Pier can now be the jewel in Cleethorpe's dining crown as it is such a special dining experience. The transformation has brought life back into The Pier and it is now a stunning place to eat and visit. It was exactly everything I had hoped for with outstanding silver service. Gorgeous food, fantastic service and visually stunning. I'm so pleased to see the town's landmark restored and given the time and money that it so desperately deserved, as it is now a great centre piece for our small seaside town.

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x


  1. Beautiful photos!! Food looks delicious!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. You look fantastic in that dress! :) And the food looks incredible at the restaurant!


  3. The food looks soooo so good, and the view is absolutely amazing! I love your dress as well.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Pretty place and nice dress !

  5. luxurious and romantic!! :D you look stunning! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. Looks like it was a great trip.

  7. Great blog, shame it is going to become a fish and chip shop now. Sad times.


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