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Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Curious Cat | Grimsby

The Curious Cat Cocktail Bar and Kitchen has newly opened its doors to the public this week. After hearing 'cocktail bar' I was curious to see what this place would have to offer the town!
The Curious Cat is located in the town centre on Bethlehem St and can also be accessed via Abbey Gate, as they have a lovely courtyard round the back, making it the perfect pit stop for some refreshments after shopping in the late afternoon sun.
Upon entering, you are greeted by open brick walls, a large dark oak bar in the centre of the room and of course, the great cat portrait hanging proudly on the wall, making a grand focal piece. 
 We took our seats in a cosy corner and leisurely browsed the menu.
Once we had both decided, Clark went up to the bar to place our orders. Lewis was our friendly bar tender on this occasion.  
 While Clark was placing the orders, I continued to eye up the cocktail menu! Unfortunately on this occasion it was non-alcoholic ones for us today.
 Clark ordered the ever so manly 'Pink Fizz' (£4.25) ginger ale, lime juice, elderflower and raspberry syrup.
 I ordered 'Colour Changing Homemade Lemonade' (£4.75) soda, lemon, sugar & 'our magic'.

 These non-alcoholic drinks were refreshing and Clark particularly enjoyed his, but we couldn't wait to return and try the real main stars of the show.

 The Curious Cat has a mixture of grandness and rustic charm.
The decorative wallpaper and curtained masterpiece have a sense of class, while the funky lighting and bare walls give a quirky edge.

 For starters, I thoroughly enjoyed the (large serving might I add) Soft Shell Crab (£5.95) with lime and coriander salad. I was delighted to see this on the menu, as it is rare to find in our home town. It tasted incredible and I can't wait to have it again. It was beautifully displayed and came served with cute mason jar, filled with sweet chilli along with a mayo dressing. However, mine was served with rocket salad, as opposed to coriander.
 Clark ordered his favourite Chicken Wings (£5.75). Ginger and honey sticky chicken wings with créme fraîche. The ginger complemented the honey beautifully and they were very tasty. These were gone in a flash and judging by the sauce on Clark's cheek he very much enjoyed them.
 Unfortunately, there was quite a delay for our plates to be cleared but once done so, our mains finally arrived.
As we were just popping in for lunch, we decided to try one of their sharing deli boards. We ordered Mariachi's (£11.95): ginger and honey chicken wings (crispy and sweet), smokey bbq pulled pork (rich and meaty), deep fried jalapeños (fiery and oozing cheesy goodness) & beer battered onion rings (crunchy and tasty) with a cool sour cream and mint yoghurt dips and (warm and soft) crusty bread.
The food was again, presented beautifully. 
I was delighted to find the crusty bread was served warm. We immediately dug in and made pulled pork buns. They were mouthwateringly good, writing this post is making me hungry just thinking about it. 
The deep fried jalapeños were equally delicious and tasted beautifully with the oozing melted goats cheese inside. Unfortunately our platter didn't come served with the minty dip stated but came with a sweet chilli dip replacement. All in all the platter tasted delicious and went down super quick. 
Once we finished our mains we ventured upstairs to take a look at the rest of the superb venue. 
 Upstairs is equipped with more seating arrangements for diners and comfy arm chairs, making the perfect spot for a catch up and a cocktail.
 Upstairs has a victorian ambience with chandeliers, old fashioned portraits and comfy arm chairs.
 Back downstairs, the bar is the focal point of attention and I came to find it has a real buzz in the evening.
 The bar is equipped with all kinds of luxurious spirits (with just under 80 different spirits in fact) to make impressive cocktails.
 The cocktail bar and restaurant has a relaxed vibe despite the impressive and grand interior.
So be sure to pop in after a hard days shopping. I know I will! 
 And don't forget to take your own CC selfie using the # curiouscatselfie with the chance to win a free cocktail each week!
Here's ours!

Clark and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals. Our compliments go to the chef, the food was excellent but I feel disappointed to mention that the service in the day time wasn't up to the standard it could have been, due to the lack of table service and attentiveness from the waiting staff.  However, they are newly opened and I'm sure that the staff will soon get into the swing of things.  Our meal tasted delicious and we will definitely be back to try more. I am yet to try out their desserts but my gosh, they sound good! Mojito Cheesecake and Elderflower and Lemon Panna Cotta - I'm looking at you.
After enjoying ourselves on this occasion and checking out the cocktail menu, I couldn't wait to come back to see the place in action in the evening!

I informed my friend, Roannah, of this new place in town and a date was set for Saturday night.
We rocked up about 9pm to find the bar in full swing with animated bar tenders.
It was great to see plenty of staff on the bar prepared to make whatever cocktail your heart desires. Tip - If a cocktail you fancy isn't on the menu, feel free to ask if they can whip you one up!
 Large liqueur bottles were being thrown back and forth amongst the bar tenders, all very entertaining!
Roannah ordered a Gin Sling(£5.50), a classic and favourite of hers. Served with Bombay Sapphire, Campari, Punt e Mes topped with soda.  

 I ordered a classic Strawberry Daiquiri (£5.75) to start the night off. Bacardi, lime, sugar and fresh strawberries.

It was great to see the bar full and the place had a great lively atmosphere!
 The cocktails went down a treat!
 Next we decided to indulge in a Dry Ice Tea Pot. We ordered the Beach flavour, a blend of fine rum, pineapple juice, lime, mango and passion fruit.
 This was by far the most impressive to watch!
 The friendly bar tender even offered to pour our 'tea' for us.
 So we took our naughty tea pot up stairs and carried on chatting away into the late hours.
 The Beach flavoured Dry Ice Tea pot tasted delicious as the rum was compliment with plenty of fresh fruit!

After a lovely evening of catching up and indulging in tasty cocktails, we eventually ventured on our way home.
Curiosity definitely got the better of me.

After returning on the Saturday night, I could't fault anything, the staff were charming and friendly and there was a great lively atmosphere surrounding the high spirited bar. I think this is by far the best bar the town has to offer. It's great to finally have a more current and stylish bar that offers impressive cocktails!

 With starters and mains ranging from £3.75-£14.95 (to share) and a massive selection of alcoholic cocktails ranging from £5.00- £16.50 (to share) there is something for everyone. I can't wait to go back for more. I will be trying plenty more of their fabulous cocktails and taking loads of CC selfies!

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x


  1. Wow looks like we have finally got somewhere decent in Grimsby , I can't wait to try the dry ice teapot. Love your blogs ��

    1. Yes thrilled to see something to this standard open in Grimsby, hopefully more will follow! Highly recommend the dry ice teapots! Thank you so much :) xx

  2. wondered as is tea and afternoon coffe served to impress,. thank you.


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