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Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Fitness Update: October

My last fitness update was the 1st of September (see here), I talked about getting back into running and preparing for Cleethorpes Colour Run, which was so much fun you! As I've really enjoyed doing these fitness posts, I'm going to try do one at the beginning of each month. So say hello to this month's installment on all things sweaty and upping my fitness game.
As I am going on holiday at the end of this month and I am no way near 'beach body ready' (this being down to eating my weight in carbs over the past week and claiming it's ok as it's my birthday...) I need to introduce some toning into my workouts especially focussing on my abs (podge). So let's do this!

The Routine I Will Be Doing In October:

I'm hoping to stick to running once a week, twice if i'm feeling optimistic and throwing in some toning workouts too. I've particularly been loving Blogilates on Youtube as she is so bubbly and encouraging! I love her videos as they can range from a 5 minute workout to a 20 minute workout, so no excuses to squeeze in some ab work. 

The Song To Add To Your Playlist:

Due to turning 22 this past week it's only right i've been blasting out some Taylor Swift. I bet my neighbours have loved me wailing out 'I'm feeling twenty-twoooo.' I've also been loving Bad Blood as it's so catchy and gets you pounding them pavements during a run.

The Recipe To Try Out:

Being back at work and having to make pack lunches doesn't have to be boring anymore! Now it's autumn i've ditched the summer salads and I'm back on my healthy noodle pots. I first spotted the recipe over on The Londoner see recipe here, I practically lived off the stuff all last winter. My mason jar is back out in full force for a quick and easy pack lunch. I'm really enjoying these super yummy noodles at work again. I especially like mine with a kick so I add plenty of chili. Try it out for yourself and tag any pictures on Instagram using @thehungrylittlelady.

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry *sweaty* Little Lady x


  1. I love that shirt...because I seriously hate working out more than anything.
    Morgan |

  2. I love seing this kind of posts! They make me keep going on training haha. I love the shirt, btw.
    Tomorrow I'm posting something about my Colour Run experience, maybe you want to check it out ^^
    Nice post, lovely. Have a good day and continue training!

    1. I love reading and writing them too I find they motivate me to keep going! Will have a look thank you lovely :) x

  3. Love this post, it's so inspiring! Hoping to get into shape myself this fall. Love your routine :)

  4. When I turned 22 last year, I had Taylor's song blasting on repeat too! :)

    1. I plan to continue blasting it out throughout the year it'll be my new anthem! x

  5. I need that shirt in my life!


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