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Friday, 23 October 2015

The Last Minute Halloween Guide

Halloween is creeping closer, have you got your costume ready yet? This is for all you girls that have left it to the last minute.
Imagine the fancy dress shop is now closed and you can't order anything online in time for it to arrive for that halloween party you're supposed to be going to. Here's what I would put together and I bet it's already in your wardrobe...

The make-shift bin bag look might have worked when you were younger (with ketchup blood of course) but now you're going to have to rummage through your wardrobe!

Black Trousers

If they are skinny fitted jeans, or even better leather pants / jeggings now is the time to be rocking them.

Black Top

Everyone has a black top in their wardrobe. Any regular cami will do, but this gorgeous embellished cami from River Island will definitely catch everyone's eye.

Black Heels

I don't know anyone that doesn't own a pair of black heels so put them on, even if they do hurt your feet.

Red Lippy

Now it's Halloween, the more daring you are on the lips the better. I can only guess you don't already own a deep purple/black lippy so crack out your favourite red! If you don't have any fake blood lying around the house you could always use a red lipstick/gloss to create the desired halloween effect. Will you go for the classic blood dripping from mouth vampire effect or oozing blood from the head I've clearly been in an accident effect? 


This is the most fun part about Halloween! Coloured contacts, masks, face paints, the lot! But if you have left it till last minute you can always grab those cat ears out of the loft? 

Never fear, for those who don't own any cat ears I've got you covered in the make-up department...


There are hundreds of YT tutorials for halloween looks, but they are often quite time consuming or use expensive make-up products in ridiculous colours, that you'll simply never use again. I can guarantee you've got some form of eye liner lying around the house, so check out these 3 super easy looks that just use eyeliner here!

Now you aren't going to be the most scariest at the party, but this way should save you a few pennies and saves you rocking the bin bag look.

Thank you for reading.
What are you going as for Halloween?
Much love, The Hungry *spooky* Little Lady x

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