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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Best Fish & Chips

My hometown of Cleethorpes is situated next to once famous fishing town of Grimsby and traditionally known for great fish & chips. North East Lincolnshire locals know that Grimsby is the place to be, to enjoy some of the best fish & chips! After created Foodie's Guide to the Globe, it's official we do the best in the world. After hearing the news, I've had a massive craving for the stuff!
'The seaside town of Grimsby was rated as a hotspot of this much-loved national delicacy, priding itself on its numerous traditional chippies.'
It was a gloriously miserable day, in my seaside hometown of Cleethorpes. 

 Clark and I, wrapped up warm and enjoyed a lazy stroll down the seafront. It was truly freezing! (Have we skipped Autumn and gone right into Winter?)
 We walked hand in hand down the promenade until we couldn't feel our fingers.
 Having a craving for fish & chips, we made our way to the town's most famous chippie: Steel's Corner House Restaurant.
 The traditional black and white building stands tall in the market place. The warm lighting and smell, beckons passers by.
We rushed inside to get out of the cold. Where we were warmly greeted by the smiling staff. We made ourselves comfortable in the cosy booths. 
Entering Steel's is like stepping back in time. The friendly staff and quaint decor has a homely and warm feel.  
 Black and white photography of the docks, hang proudly on display.
 Happy to be out of the cold, we excitedly ordered our fish & chips, knowing we were in for a treat.
 Our lovely waitress for the evening was Elaine. Elaine's heart-warming smile and friendly service was so welcoming and nothing was too much trouble for her. She informed us she had been serving at Steel's, for an impressive 29 years.
 We poured our tea, which arrived shortly after we ordered.
Our hands hugged the tea cups and we finally started to warm up, while our tummies grumbled to the delightful smell of fish & chips. 
 Shortly after, our mighty plates arrived. We both ordered a regular size haddock, which could easily pass as Jumbos as they were so big! Golden chips piled high on the plate, waiting to be doused in salt & vinegar, yum! We both ordered a side of gravy, in true Northern spirit. P.S. Steel's do THE best gravy (it's just as good as my mum's!). I also indulged in some of rich green, mushy peas and a helping of scraps. Fish & Chips at Steel's comes served with traditional bread & butter, just waiting to be made into chip butties.
Very controversial, but I do love my chips lathered in rich, meaty gravy (you Southerners don't know what you're missing) but curry sauce is another a great option. How do you like your fish & chips?

  Steel's have got it just right when it comes to fish & chips (expect a queue outside, on a warm Friday evening in the summer). Beautiful golden chips served with an enormous serving of delicate white haddock, covered in lovely light batter. The mushy peas are equally yummy but the gravy is outstanding as it's lovely and rich, a definite favourite amongst the locals.
Our eyes lit up as our huge portions were placed down in-front of us.
 Ready to tuck in!
 Not forgetting a good sprinkle of salt and dash of vinegar.
 We couldn't wait any longer and began to tuck into the delicious, traditional grub.

 Defeated, we enjoyed the rest of our tea.
 Despite the humongous meal, Clark wanted to order a a desert. A chunky slice of Banoffee Pie served with a huge dollop of whippy ice-cream. I couldn't even think about eating any pudding, as I was so full, but Clark said it was delicious!
 We thoroughly enjoyed our fish & chips, at Steel's Corner House Restaurant and were pleased to see it still lives up to its great reputation. The attentive staff, excellent fish and traditional charm make the whole experience of Steel's one to savour.

How do you like your fish & chips? Or what is your favourite chippy? I'd love to hear.

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x

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