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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Healthy Options : Cleethorpes

I love my hometown of Cleethorpes. We have a lovely seafront - and this means we have a huge selection of seaside treats including Fish & Chips (the towns' specialty - see here) and Jonny Doughnuts of course. Although these are not helpful when you are trying to eat healthy. Dam that whiff coming from the local chippy *drools*. With everyone trying to eat healthy to kick start the new year and fussing over the latest 'superfoods' on Instagram *guilty*, I thought I would share my favourite healthy options.


Soulmatefood | Humberston Country Club

Soulmatefood has partnered with Virgin Active and they are with it when it comes to healthy eating! Their menu is laid out with an innovative Diet Code that helps you easily select meals that have been designed to complement your fitness goals. Simply follow your chosen symbol and choose meals marked Burn (Good for managing weight and reducing body fat), Balance (Good for maintaining weight and gaining energy) or Build (Good for building lean muscle and endurance.), to set you on the path to success. They have a selection of tasty meals to choose from including a 'skinny' English break-feast, granola, porridge and pancakes! £5.25-£2.50. There really is something for everyone. What I love most about Soulmatefood's menu is that you can build your own breakfast or choose from a range of toppings to complete your breakfast bowl.

Lunch on the go

Deli-licious | Cleethorpes & Grimsby

I know what you're thinking, Delilicious... Healthy? I bet you're already imaging their mouth-watering homemade treats, but drop the cake and check out their salad bar! They offer 3 sizes of their salad boxes, a large being only £3.95 - amazing value! They offer a wide variety, from traditional salad toppings (lettuce, tomato & cucumber) but also anything from crayfish tales, sun dried tomatoes and olives to make your salad much tastier!

Riverhead Coffee | Cleethorpes & Grimsby

A cute little coffee shop that doesn't just do great coffee, they also have a great selection of tasty salad bowls, interesting sandwiches (GF options are available) and my personal favourite, their super dreamy 'winter warmers' £3.00-£5.50. They offer great healthy options that will keep you going all day long. Enjoy a delicious lunch in their quirky cafe or have it to go!


Soulmatefood | Humberston Country Club

I had to mention Soulmatefood again as they are offer a huge range of fruit, vegetable and protein smoothies and active juices £3.25-£4.05. Wether you are after a Boost or a Kale-kick they have a selection of tasty juices to enjoy in the cafe lounge or grab one to go!

Healthy Takeaway 

Yume & Co | Grimsby

It's a Friday night, you've eaten healthy all week/can't be bothered to cook and thinking about getting a naughty takeaway? Ditch the greasy pizza platter for a sushi platter £18 for 2 people. I'm a huge fan of YuMe & Co (check out my blog post here or better yet check out how to make sushi yourself here.) They offer a great takeaway service. Sushi is a great option for a healthy guilt-free takeaway. They have a huge selection to choose from, along with generous portions for great value. They have so much to offer from soups, noodles, sushi, skewers and curries- you won't be disappointed.

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