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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Support People Bar & Kitchen | Cleethorpes

It's been several months since People Bar and Kitchen opened its door to the public of my hometown, Cleethorpes - and what a cracking seven months it's been! Quickly becoming a hotspot within the town. PB&K is not a hidden treasure anymore. This small corner of Cleethorpes is a favourite amongst locals. The eatery/bar welcomes like-minded folk to enjoy the finest food and drink.

 What I love most about PB&K is its character. It has offered a young, fresh vibe which has been a breath of fresh air for the town. They have a selection of interesting sharing platters and a collection of fine drinks, but mostly why I love visiting this intimate bar and kitchen is because of the remarkably friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The owner, Brett, has clear passion, as he never fails to be an inviting, engaging host. Nothing is too much trouble for him.

In the summer, PB&K constantly had an excitable atmosphere, offering up something new and unique to Cleethorpes. You couldn't help but peek in and see the delightful buzz of people catching up as you passed by! The bar celebrated its first street party, with great success, for the Armed Forces Weekend (see post here) and was the place to be. Throughout winter, PB&K continues to be everyone's favourite pitstop, offering warming home-made mulled wine and mince pies over Christmas. You simply cannot resit the intimacy of this place, whether you've been for a blustery, winter walk along the beach and wanting to warm up with a coffee or popping in during the evening for a crafty beer (geddit!?) There is always an excuse to visit.

On this occasion, Steph and I decided a catch-up was long over due and of course we had to meet at our favourite place! 
Brett never fails to warmly greet us upon arrival and is already pouring us our favourite tipples. Mine's half a Shipyard, a lovely and light pale ale.
We pulled up some stools and made ourselves comfortable, eyeing up the specials. 
PB&K is a home-style rustic kitchen, cooking with fresh ingredients each day. Community is important to them and they proudly work with local suppliers to bring customers the best that both Lincolnshire and the UK has to offer.
We decided to indulge with a sharing platter, including of a mix of cured meats, cheeses and baked breads. The sharing platter is served with a selection of relishes, oils and accompaniments.
We were quick to tuck in!
The platter was delicious! I thought all of the meats and cheeses accompanied each other beautifully. 

All of the dishes are put together with finesse and an attention to detail. I highly recommend visiting for breakfast, as they offer up Cleethorpes' poshest full English and breakfast buns! Their famous breakfast offerings include quality smoked streaky bacon from Petits, a firm favourite butchers amongst the town. 
This lovely little eatery/bar has a rustic feel with exposed brick walls and decorative pieces.
PB&K has a chilled ambiance with the likes of Arctic Monkeys to Bob Marley playing softly in the background.

PB&K have made great use of the space offering cosy seating inside and a lively beer garden come summer.
PB&K is in a perfect location, in the heart of Cleethorpes. It makes a great pitstop on the way to the High Street, so be sure to pop in on your next pub crawl, and try one from their ever changing bottled beer selection, with unique offerings from across the world.

Don't fret, if beer isn't your thing they also offer a selection of hot drinks, such as coffees and hot chocolate, perfect to warm yourself up with after a lazy stroll along the beach or window shopping down Sea View Street.
You simply cannot help but fall in love with the charm and intimacy of the place. 

It has always been a pleasure visiting PB&K so I was surprised and disappointed after hearing the news from the Telegraph. Please continue to visit as they are still open for business! Most importantly, I would like to urge you all to show your support for the bar & kitchen by commenting, liking and sharing as it would be an utter loss to the town.


Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry Little Lady x


  1. I wanted to go next time I was home, I heard nothing but good things! I'm gutted it's closing. Lovely post hun!
    Kate x

  2. This place sounds lovely, I'm definitely suggestting it when I next go out for tea with my friend! And it's nice to see an associate blogger so close to home! Fellow Grimsby gal here! :)
    Kirsty x

    1. It has such charm. You definitely should visit, you won't be disappointed! Oh hey! :) Will check out your blog x


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