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Monday, 1 February 2016

The Fitness Post : February

It's that time of the month again where I talk about all things sweaty, that drops on the 1st of every month. Ready? Let's do this...

The Routine I Will Be Doing In February

Throughout January my favourite gym classes have been fully booked (damn all you newbies!) leaving me to find other ways to motivate myself at the gym. I'm still not one of those people that can run for hours on the treadmill - if I'm going to run, I need to be outside pounding the pavements. I've started using the gym floor more than ever before! So there will be no biggie if my gym classes are still full throughout February, as I plan on doing more floor workouts! When I first joined a gym (way back when I was 15/6) I'd never even heard of 'squats', now they're my best friend and I love doing a mix of legs, bums & tums! I especially love using the TRX and Bosu Balls as I really feel the burn when working on my abs! Victoria Secret Models body here I come... (A girl can dream!)

The Song To Add To Your Playlist

Major Lazer. (feat. MO & DJ Snake) - Lean On. I love this song as it's so catchy and the beat is perfect to get your heart rate up during a workout. Plus it reminds me of summer so it excites me for the summer to come and what better motivation than the thought of summer? 3x minutes extra on the treadmill BOOM!

The Workout Video to Give A Go

This one by Carly Rowena. She shares her routine for a 6 pack abs workout. Basically, it's a tailored routine that you can easily follow next time you are in the gym. 6 pack abs? Yes please! I've only just recently discovered Carly on Youtube. I love her enthusiasm and that she actually shares some amazing tips. So go show her some love! You'll thank me for it later...

The Recipe To Try Out

With Pancake Day (aka one of the best days of the year) coming up this month, I've been trying out loads of different recipes! Although not just your regular flour, egg & milk combo, I've been experimenting with buckwheat flour for a healthier option! There are tons of recipes on the web that you might take your fancy, like this dreamy coconutty one by my favourite gal - Madeline Shaw. My healthy pancake recipe will be up on the blog soon! So watch this space pancake lovers.

Thank you for reading.
Much love, The Hungry *sweaty* Little Lady x


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