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Saturday, 15 July 2017

THLL Is Back!

With my last post being way back in October!? THLL has well and truly dropped off the face of the planet... So, what have I been up to? Starting two new jobs in one week, renovating a house top to bottom and Uni work are just a few reasons for my absence. Let's just say, this year has been a bit of whirlwind... But with my last assignment for the year submitted *HELLO SUMMER* and having the house sooo close to being finished, I'm ready to pick up my dearly missed Olympus pen, try alllll the food, tap up the keyboard and tell you about what I'm loving. I've really missed my little corner of the internet and can't wait to get back into blogging - Watch this space!

Firstly, I thought I'd give you a little insight to what exactly I've been up to... So after months of juggling two jobs and studying, I finally decided to leave one of my jobs so I could focus on the job I truly love and also dedicate some time to studying. This has been one of the best decisions I've made! While I miss the extra cash, spending time with family and friends is so much more important to me. I no longer miss out on family events and get to make even more memories with friends *yay*.

Where do I start with the house? Walls have been knocked down, bathrooms have been ripped out and the house has been stripped back to bare bricks. I'm so proud of what Clark has achieved, without his hard work it would not be the home we have now. I would just like to thank all our friends and family that have helped us along the way, whether that be ripping up carpets, tip runs or painting! We would not be in the home we have now without everyone's hard work. Working on the house has really shown us how supportive our friends and family are and we feel so lucky to be surrounded an amazing group of people.

This year I've really focused on myself and what makes me happy. Having more down time has allowed me to find some new hobbies and interests. From paddle boarding to rock rock-climbing, I even completed my first ever Tough Mudder, which was so much fun!! I've also started making my own cocktails. The contents of the bar globe is growing and I'm loving experimenting with new recipes, so keep your eyes peeled for some cocktail recipes on the blog!

Thank you for reading,
Much love, THLL x

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